I have been helping students online and face-to-face for over 16 years. It has been an honor to help so many. In that time I have had many email me or message me via social media. Here is just a sample of the many testimonies I have received over the years. You can also find additional recommendation on my YouTube channel, Facebook page and of course Rate My Professor. I am here to HELP YOU!.

“When I was 10, I had brain surgery. Not really the way I would ever think to start off an email, but because of you I can now understand.”

I appreciate every letter I get from students saying I have helped them and made a difference. That being said, this one brought tears to my eyes.


“All I had to do was type in Anatomy and Physiology and there they were, all of your videos! Plus I grew up a Ford girl so the name caught my attention as well. I watched and cried and watched and cried and watched. I had my old A&P notes and book with me the whole time and was finally able to understand, and cried because of the Joy of understanding. Thanks to you! So Thank you very much for being the teacher that I had always wished I had growing up. I hope this email gives you the benefit and the desire to make more videos, especially help for nursing 😁! You are an AWESOME teacher and Thank you once again!”

anatomy physiology


Mr. Ford, my students love your videos!

-Diana W. (YouTube)Network Texas

Mr Ford is an excellent professor he knows all the materials very well. Eager to help anyone who needs well only if you ask him. Makes class fun and provides various opportunities for student. His videos and websites are available to guide you even if you don’t have textbook to study. Take him if you seriously want to make it easy but study too.

-RateMyProfessor Review

Mr. Ford class is so dope!

-Andre C. (YouTube)

You are so awesome and helpful! Anytime i need to learn something for my classes i always watch one of your videos and they help me tremendously! Thank you for what you do! Big Fan!

-Mira Y. (Facebook: mrfordsclasslearning)

He is a great professor I have ever seen. You can learn with fun. His videos are helpful for learning anatomy and physiology.

-RateMyProfessor Review

OMG Mr. Fords you are the best 😉 thank you so much

-Yohana E. (YouTube)20160421_083038

Mr. Ford really tries to make the course more appealing and the learning process less stressful, and does his best in guiding the students to more reading and audio-visual supporting materials, and online resources like no other. He has a reliable personal educational website, freely available for students, that makes it super easier,very grateful.

-RateMyProfessor Review

Scott, thanks to you, my Halloween anatomy class always consists of watching “13 Ghosts” my students NEVER forget the coronal plane after that!

-Louise G. (Facebook: mrfordsclasslearning)

You are truly a REAL TEACHER!!! Thank you so much with your video for A&P. You know how to communicate to the students and your not boring.

-Katherine R. (YouTube)

Mr. Ford just letting you know your videos (A&P) help me out during my course and I passed my finals!!!!

-Karen W. (YouTube)

I’m not even taking these classes but your video was memorable, thanks!

-Jose H. (YouTube)

Prof. Ford is a knowledgeable about his subject matter. He is dedicated, punctual, and gives clear explanation. He makes the material unforgettable. I highly recommend Mr. Ford for any student interested in Anatomy and physiology class.

-RateMyProfessor Review

Just wanted to say thank you! Your videos have been so much help to me, buying the membership was so worth it! 😄

-Kimberly G. (Facebook: mrfordsclasslearning)

I am a student paramedic & I’ve got to do anatomy & physiology exams, your videos are so descriptive better than my lecturers! thank you 🙂

-Jamie R. (YouTube)CATE Test

You’re amazing…thank you! 🙂

-Elizabeth A. (YouTube)

I really enjoyed class with Professor Ford. He explained things in a way that was relatable and easy to understand. His online videos and powerpoints were very helpful as well. If I could I would definitely take Bio 142 with him. Scott Ford=GREAT PROFESSOR

-RateMyProfessor Review

Thank you so much you’re really good tutor and make the learning of the muscles fun!

-Jenny B (YouTube)

I just started taking A&P online, I find the reading a little dry. I looked up my book on youtube and came across your videos. I just want to say THANK YOU. Oh my goodness, you have really made this fun and interesting. Thank you again!

-Katie A. (Facebook: mrfordsclasslearning)

Thank you for doing this series, I’m cramming for my test tomorrow and you’re helping me shore-up some of my weaker concepts. You, and people like you, are the raddest!

-Brent W. (YouTube)

I like teachers like this…makes learning fun and want to learn more!!!

-Maria S. (YouTube)

I want to thank you for all of the anatomy Youtube videos you have made. They certainly have been a lifesaver!! My class is online and while the material provided by my instructor is adequate, I am really a visual learner. These videos have really helped me. I have even recommended them to some of my friends that will be taking anatomy. Thanks again!!

-Deborah S. (Facebook: mrfordsclasslearning)