Frequently Asked Questions

Mr. Ford’s Class Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Account & Membership FAQs

What Are The Different Membership Options?

There are 3 different types of membership and a fourth one specifically designed for educators. The monthly membership, 3-month membership, and 6-month membership. At only $9.95/mo you will spend more on fast food and/or an hour tutoring session than you will here at Mr. Ford’s Class.


Do You See My Credit Card Information?

All credit card information and payment information are handled via Stripe. Stripe is a globally known merchant processing company that allows small sites like myself to offer secured checkout. For more information about Stripe, click here:


Can I Get My Membership For Free and/or Why Do You Charge For Membership

I am going to let the video speak for itself on this one.


FAQs I Am Working On

Have a question and don’t see it being worked on? Email me and I will get it up on the FAQ. 

  • How Many Folks Work At Mr. Ford’s Class?
  • How Do I Cancel My Account?
  • How Can I Get A Refund?