The Most Amazing Letter I Have Ever Gotten!

anatomy physiology

“When I was 10, I had brain surgery. Not really the way I would ever think to start off an email, but because of you I can now understand.”

I appreciate every letter I get from students saying I have helped them and made a difference. That being said, this one brought tears to my eyes. Many would think that it would be easy for me to find a face-to-face position teaching A&P at the local community college.

The sad truth is that because of my work on YouTube many colleges have shunned me or outright refused to give me a class. San Jacinto College and Lone Star College I am looking at you.

It is however, letters like this that make me remember that I am here to help you the students.

“All I had to do was type in Anatomy and Physiology and there they were, all of your videos! Plus I grew up a Ford girl so the name caught my attention as well. I watched and cried and watched and cried and watched. I had my old A&P notes and book with me the whole time and was finally able to understand, and cried because of the Joy of understanding. Thanks to you! So Thank you very much for being the teacher that I had always wished I had growing up. I hope this email gives you the benefit and the desire to make more videos, especially help for nursing 😁! You are an AWESOME teacher and Thank you once again!”


anatomy physiology

One thought on “The Most Amazing Letter I Have Ever Gotten!”

  1. Dear Mr. Ford,

    You are great professor and it is totally the college’s loss if they do not eagerly snatch you up. Baffles the mind, Sir, that they would not jump at the opportunity to bring you on board. You sre obviously a good communicator and you know your stuff.

    April Lunsford

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